If you love, adore the moon. If you rob, steal a camel.

Stories for the Long Silk Road

Submission Guidelines

The Bactrian Room invites original and previously unpublished fiction of between 1,500 and 7,500 words.

Send a single work per submission as a word attachment in an email addressed to: editor.camelsaloon (at) gmail (dot) com

Please include Bactrian Submission on the subject line of the email.

Non-indented paragraphs and single line breaks between paragraphs are greatly appreciated.  See prior stories posted on the site for the intended look.

Author bios are welcome.

Acceptance grants The Bactrian Room one time electronic publishing rights.  Upon publication, all rights revert immediately to the author. 

Publication is on a rolling basis.

Published work will be retained in the archives of The Bactrian Room on a non-exclusive basis.  The Bactrian Room may select certain works published in this or an associated space for inclusion in annual, "best of" or similar electronic or print anthologies.

The Bactrian Room expects that it will be acknowledged upon republication of any work first published here.

The Bactrian Room is honored to be included in the biographies of authors following publication in this space.

Simultaneous submissions will not be accepted without specific permission. 

Submitting authors may expect a timely response from the editor.

The Bactrian Room is a nonpaying publication.

The Bactrian Room is published under the auspices of The Camel Saloon.  Thank you for your patronage of these taverns.

Silk Road Mantra

by Suchoon Mo

bury me not

in the lone Silk Road

I go and go

from west to east

I go and go

from east to west

bury me not

in the lone Silk Road


As of June 25, 2015, The Bactrian Room is closed to submissions.


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